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Reservoir of Grace

Transforming Truth.  Supplying Grace.

In a world cloudy with deceptive distractions clamoring for our attention and affection, God invites us to breathe different air and discover the ever-flowing supply of His goodness, wisdom, and truth.  His Word is Truth; it leads us to Christ, the only One who can transform our souls; and it beckons us to Life that is truly life.

Truth that provides a solid, unshifting foundation in eroding, unstable times; grace that supplies a continually flowing river of refreshing, cleansing, life-giving strength:  these are the treasures God has promised to us in His Word.  Out of God's revelation in the Bible, our lives can be filled with a replenishing reservoir of grace and truth. The Bible tells us the source of this supply is a Person, Jesus Christ: "From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace." Through Bible studies, resources, speaking, and drama, Rebecca Small shares the richness of God's Word that has filled her own life with a Reservoir of Grace.

Reservoir of Grace

  • four main sessions

  • one personal Bible study devotional

  • two early morning devotional talks

  • optional:  one monologue

See monologue topics/characters. 

Monologues suggested for this retreat:

> Embrace the Fire

> Exposed: The Heart of Ms. Busy

Reservoir of Grace was born out of my own personal experience of coming to know Christ through time spent in His Word.  A reservoir is created and maintained over time; it is a long-term vision that will outlast us.  Reservoirs not only provide beauty and entertainment, they also—and primarily—are built to supply the needs of the world.  Throughout the weekend the vision of a spiritual reservoir within is opened up in a panoramic vista.  Each session is loaded with Scripture and sprinkled with personal story and real-life application, ending with a time of prayer. 

Dramatic monologues are a way for me to put myself into the narrative of the Bible.  Eugene Peterson speaks of this in his book, Eat This Book.  The Bible is very succinct and concise in its narrative—it has to be to cover such a broad time span of history.  So there is much in the Bible that isn't said, but as we study and pray over Scripture, and the Holy Spirit speaks to us, the story becomes our own.  It comes alive in us and we are able to use our sanctified imaginations to feel and experience the reality of what those who were actually living the story felt and experienced.  Each of these monologues has come out of my own conversation and journey with God through the ups and downs of life.  He has surprised me over and over again with His astounding, life-changing, timeless truth that meets me specifically and personally in my need.  All monologues are performed in costume.

Embrace the Fire
The Harpist in Nebuchadnezzar's Orchestra

Take yourself back to the Babylonian world of King Nebuchadnezzar as seen through the eyes of one of his orchestra members.  Suddenly, as you enter into this real-life experience, an all-too-familiar story comes alive with personal meaning and depth of application.   (~65 min., includes 2 songs with a  harp.)

From Bitter to Blessed


Follow this woman into despair as she confronts grief on multiple fronts.  Though she feels that God has abandoned her, His providential hand is guiding and gives her a ray of hope.  Emerge with her into the sweet light of God's sovereign grace.  (~75 min., includes some songs)

God Means It for Good

Asenath, Joseph's Wife

There is much about the sovereignty of God and the things He allows, even orchestrates in our lives, that remains a mystery to us.  In the story of Joseph, as seen through the eyes of his wife, we are given a window into the behind-the-scenes workings of God and the lovely jewel of His sovereignty set against the black backdrop of a life filled with the pain of betrayal.  Many threads of truth are woven into this powerful Bible narrative.  Forgiveness, trust, waiting on God, divine wisdom, and hearing the voice of God blend together in this emotion-packed drama. (~80 min., optional intermission)

Favor Dawns

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

The most blessed of all women shares her story as the mother of the Messiah.  So many questions, so many things she did not understand as they unfolded, but she continues to ponder, holding the unknowns up before God.  Follow her in this journey both of joy and wonder and of heart-wrenching agony.  This monologue is fitting for Christmas, Lent/Resurrection Day, or Pentecost.  (~55 min., includes some songs)

The Hem of His Garment

The Woman with the Issue of Blood

Desperate and lonely, this woman makes one final attempt to seek a cure for an illness that has lasted for years and broken her life.  If only . . . She hopes to do it incognito, for her shame is great.  Can she at last find freedom?  A touching story of the tender power of Christ to heal more than the physical body.  (~35 min.)

Let This Mind Be In You


Through the eyes of Lydia we are able to see Paul not as the spiritual giant on a pedestal way above us common folk, but as a real man with struggles like our own, who finds God on deeper levels as He learns of Christ in the heartaches of life.  The book of Acts and the book of Philippians come together in a unique way through this monologue.  (~50 min.)

Exposed: The Heart of Ms. Busy

Martha, Part 1

In our all-too-busy world, we ourselves fall prey to the same thoughts and feelings that Martha had.  Through a vulnerable moment, with her sin nature exposed for all to see, we are able to take a look at our own hearts and hear Jesus call our name with His gentle rebuke.  (~35 min.)

Lord, If Only You Had Been There

Martha, Part 2

We again see Martha's outspoken honesty as she pours out her grief and disappointment with Jesus.  Oh, how often we experience the same, though we may feel it's too unspiritual to voice it.  But Martha's openness allows her to come to new understandings about God and His ways, about prayer, and about the wonder of who Jesus really is.  (not yet completed)

Rebecca has been a student of the Bible for many years and loves to encourage believers with the life-giving truths of God's Word.  Partnering with her husband has involved church planting and discipleship in the Philippines, pastoring a growing church in Texas, serving in Christian camps in Alaska and Washington, and assisting at a family retreat center.  On the home front, she homeschooled their seven children over the span of 32 years. As the mother of seven and grandmother of a growing troupe of grandchildren, Rebecca is a strong advocate of family discipleship.  She has taught homeschool classes, women’s retreats, and home Bible studies.  Primarily she would like to be known as a fellow pilgrim on the compelling and sometimes arduous journey of trust in a loving, sovereign, faithful God.

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