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Reservoir of Grace

Transforming Truth.  Supplying Grace.

In a world cloudy with deceptive distractions clamoring for our attention and affection, God invites us to breathe different air and discover the ever-flowing supply of His goodness, wisdom, and truth.  His Word is Truth; it leads us to Christ, the only One who can transform our souls; and it beckons us to Life that is truly life.

Truth that provides a solid, unshifting foundation in eroding, unstable times; grace that supplies a continually flowing river of refreshing, cleansing, life-giving strength:  these are the treasures God has promised to us in His Word.  Out of God's revelation in the Bible, our lives can be filled with a replenishing reservoir of grace and truth. The Bible tells us the source of this supply is a Person, Jesus Christ: "From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace." Through Bible studies, resources, speaking, and drama, Rebecca Small shares the richness of God's Word that has filled her own life with a Reservoir of Grace.

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Rebecca has been a student of the Bible for many years and loves to encourage believers with the life-giving truths of God's Word.  Partnering with her husband has involved church planting and discipleship in the Philippines, pastoring a growing church in Texas, serving in Christian camps in Alaska and Washington, and assisting at a family retreat center.  On the home front, she homeschooled their seven children over the span of 32 years. As the mother of seven and grandmother of a growing troupe of grandchildren, Rebecca is a strong advocate of family discipleship.  She has taught homeschool classes, women’s retreats, and home Bible studies.  Primarily she would like to be known as a fellow pilgrim on the compelling and sometimes arduous journey of trust in a loving, sovereign, faithful God.

Rebecca Small


Brinnon, WA


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