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Devotional Talks

Redemptive Grace:
My Own Journey of Faith

Some years ago my husband took me to the junkyard on our anniversary. While he was under some old wreck, I snooped around to see if I could find anything interesting . . . Join Rebecca as she shares her testimony, recounting the redeeming wonders of God in her life.  Through story and seven key illustrations, the marvelous truth of the Gospel is portrayed in the many-faceted, unfolding dimensions of grace. (1 hr)

Reflections of Hope

Even when things are blackest, reflections of hope are all around us.  In a world of pain and uncertainty, God gives us more than just a glimmer of hope.  Gathering rays of hope from God's Word, Rebecca hitches the soul to the shining star of Christ and His eternal Kingdom.  Through biblical testimony and truth, attention is focused first on the full meaning of biblical hope, then on the character of God that acts as the prism to hope, and finally on the practical application of hope during difficult times. (1 hr)

The Appeal of Christmas

Like the gold, red, and green colors of Christmas, three threads are woven throughout this seasonal biblical story.  These three strands of God's character woo our hearts to find completion in the One He has sent.  They help us discover the secrets of godly attitudes; and like the magi led by the star, we are led to worship. (30-40 min)

The Pinnacle Of The Mountain Of God's Love

Have you ever wondered why God allowed sin to enter the world in the first place?  Come discover the most fabulous attribute of God, which the Bible says God will continue to unveil to us for all the countless ages of eternity.  Perhaps it's an over-used word; it certainly has many different contexts.  So, what is grace?  How does it change my life?  Are there ways I can practically apply it? (45 min)

God's High Purposes For Suffering

No one likes to suffer—not even in small, annoying ways.  But we all experience it.  Could there be a better way to respond to it than avoidance, toughening up, or trying to get out of it ASAP?  Weaving a concrete illustration throughout, Rebecca reveals the four-fold purposes of God in our various sufferings. (50 min)

He Loves Me . . . He Loves Me Not

Like a young girl with a daisy, we pluck at the events of our lives trying to decipher the love of God at any given moment.  We are volatile and given to change, and we sometimes think God is like us.  What does God really think of us?  How can we be sure, especially when we fail and are so imperfect?  (20-30 min)

Holy Ramblings

Join Rebecca as she wanders through the garden of holy moments with God, learning of Christ and His ways.  Breathe in the sweet aroma of His unchanging love; stop to wonder at the beauty of His eternal truth.  Rekindle a yearning to take time to reflect on who God is and what He has planted in your own life. (30-40 min)

The Transforming Power of Gratitude

OK, I might be able to find some things to be thankful for in all situations.  But did God really mean what He said about being thankful for all things?  How is that possible with all the evil and tragedy in the world?  And what about the hurts and sufferings of our own lives?  Discover what ingratitude vs. gratitude reveals about your concept of God and your perceptions of yourself.  A new perspective on thankfulness will change everything! (30-40 min)

The Enigma Of Prayer

Prayer can be baffling and even disillusioning.  What is prayer and how does it work?  Why do we not pray more?  Our prayer life tells us a lot about what we really think about God—and ourselves.  We will never understand prayer fully, but God has given us many keen insights in His Word to draw us into the powerful resource of prayer. (45-50 min)

Prayer??  But My Life Is SO Busy!

How do we fit prayer into an already full schedule?  Maybe we're asking the wrong question.  This session will not only help you see prayer through a different lens, but it is also chock full of practical ways to make prayer a vital part of your every day life. (45 min)

Lord, Teach Me To Pray

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them—and He did.  Unpack the all-too-familiar words of The Lord's Prayer:  His answer to His disciples.  It is as relevant and as power-packed today as ever.  Let it lead you to an ever-deepening prayer communion with the Father and to a Kingdom perspective.  (30-40 min)

The Power Of God's Word

The Bible uses many metaphors to tell us about itself.  These word pictures reveal the incredible powerhouse contained in the Word of God.  Etching these pictures into our hearts and minds will motivate us to get into the Word on a regular basis.  How we need all that the Word can do in our lives! (45 min)

Filling The Cracks And Crevices Of Our Lives With The Word

Finding time for the Word of God can be difficult.  Our lives and schedules are busy, and we have an enemy who works overtime to keep us from our most powerful resource.  Here are many suggestions and practical helps in getting the Word into your life so it can filter down to find lodging in your heart. (45 min)

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