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Who of us doesn't struggle with life's unalterable events? Life's adversities collide with unchanging truth in these imaginative biblical sketches.  Originally written to be performed as dramatic monologues, each of the three stories, viewed through the eyes of one who played a significant role in the Bible's historical account, reveals how the truth of God's sovereignty, inextricably woven with His wisdom, goodness, and love, enables us to

  • overcome severe disappointment, hopelessness, and the ensuing bitterness toward God that can often plague us,

  • go on through the emptiness of grief,

  • forgive the most painful of hurtful offenses,

  • stand strong in the face of frightening threats of persecution.


Includes Embrace the Fire (Daniel 3), From Bitter to Blessed (Naomi), and Beyond the Present Pain (Joseph's wife, Asenath).

God Means It For Good

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