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Hear the story of God's passion for His people through the music of Saviour.  Trace the longing of the people of Israel for their promised Messiah and Saviour. "The story, which takes us from creation through resurrection, is a picture of God pursuing His people. The duet between God and Adam is full of ardor, of mutual love and caring emotions that permeate the work. A stunning one-hour long work that fuses classical patterns with contemporary forms, and features some of Christian music’s finest voices, Saviour’s clearly something special."




 1. My Heart Belongs to You
 2. Where Are You, Adam?
 3. The Promised Land
 4. Kings of the Earth
 5. Rose of Sharon
 6. We Need a Saviour
 7. Man of Sorrows
 8. Cross of Love
 9. So Shall We Live
 10. For All These Things
 11. So Shall We Live
 12. For All These Things


Created by Greg Nelson and Bob Farrell
Orchestrated and Conducted by Ronn Huff
Choral Arrangements by Ronn Huff
Strings by London Session Orchestra Ltd.

Featured soloists:  Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, Twila Paris, Wintley Phipps, Wayne Watson

To God be the glory, forever and ever.

Saviour: A Modern Oratorio

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