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A chronological compilation of all 4 Gospels, combined with the book of Acts and the book of The Revelation in a unique paraphrase.


The FULL story of Jesus from His birth to His Kingdom reign as Lord of lords and King of kings.


 The Jesus Trilogy stands in the best tradition of biblical paraphrasing, but it is much more than a paraphrase. The work is better described as a new way of telling the Jesus story. Like the New Testament, it begins with a form of the four gospels. But the story doesn’t end there. Luke’s Book of Acts is presented as a second installment, entitled The Sequel. By including Acts as part of the Jesus story, the author makes it clear that the life and work of our Lord continues through His Spirit’s presence in the Church. The Trilogy intentionally blurs the distinction between “the Jesus Story” and “the Church Story.” It is all the story of Jesus. Finally, the Jesus portrait reaches a climax in a grand Finalé, John’s Apocalypse (our Book of Revelation). The Finalé is set as an eight-act drama, subdivided into various scenes. The Jesus Trilogy would be a great story in any telling; in Dan Small’s skillful re-telling, the Jesus Story is unforgettable and compelling. From beginning to end, The Trilogy focuses on the narrative in new and fresh ways.

The Jesus Trilogy

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