This attractive gift book is filled with excerpts from Jeremiah’s correspondence with insights and prayers he shared with friends.  The content is built around hymns and psalms which he found meaningful in his personal meditations.  The full-color design with dozens of photos from Jeremiah’s travels will make an excellent gift for loved ones, graduates, students, and friends.


From the PREFACE:

On March 1, 2012, Jeremiah Small was suddenly translated to Glory as he opened his 11th grade humanities class with a prayer. He was in his seventh year of teaching at Classical School of the Medes in Sulamaniyah, Iraq when one of his students, without warning, provocation, or explanation, pulled a high caliber pistol and shot Jeremiah and then himself, sending shockwaves of grief, mystery, and pain throughout the school (700+ students) and city (1 million+), and around the world.

Jeremiah had won his way into the hearts of nearly all who knew him -some through his visionary adventures, others through his vigorous pursuit of Truth, and many through his writings. Children also enjoyed his attention as his love for life overflowed in wrestling and playing with them.

Taking literally the Biblical injunction to “speak to one another in psalms, hymns, & spiritual songs,” Jeremiah often included lyrics from profound hymns or Psalms in his emails to friends and family. This compilation is presented not so much as a tribute to Jeremiah but rather as a challenge to those who “follow in his train” to pursue life with faith, purpose, passion, and selfless service.

Jer loved taking pictures of creation, architecture, and people. Enjoy looking at the world “through his lens” as you listen to his heart in these pages. In the Appendix you will find a brief summary of Jeremiah’s life and work along with endnotes identifying the photos.