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Starting the day with thanksgiving

Several years ago we watched a video series by Bruce Wilkinson, who was then the president of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. From that series I took away one of his life habits that I highly recommend incorporating into your own daily time with the Lord: to write down 10 things every morning that you are thankful for, particularly from the past 24 hours. It becomes a thanksgiving journal of your life. Since God tells us in His Word to give thanks in (I Thessalonians 5:18) and for (Ephesians 5:20) all things, and that this is God's will for us who are in Christ Jesus, then everything in life can be used whether it's a wonderful, joyful blessing or a very difficult blessing-in-disguise.

So today on this Thanksgiving Day, I thought I would post my 10 things for today:

  1. For children who bless me in so many ways: writing blogs that encourage me and teach me in my Christian faith; counseling me; imparting discernment and wisdom to me; helping me in countless ways; sharing with me their skills, their homes, their finances, their children (so many darling grands!), their time, the things they are learning from the Lord . . . and the list could go on and on.

  2. For this home so generously opened to us during this time of transition, which carries with it so many blessings: a furnace that keeps us warm; a lovely, woodsy view; good, clean running water and a hot water heater; oven, stove, refrigerator—such wonderful amenities that many people around the world do not have; and a cozy atmosphere.

  3. For a church family that has been so kind, so encouraging, so comforting to us—my daughters and I think it's the best anyone could ever have.

  4. For friends who bless me in so many ways I'm overflowing with amazement and gratitude: who so generously help with whatever we need (a flat tire, auto maintenance and repair, taking care of animals when we are away, fixing things around the house, storing our stuff during this transition move, giving advice and counsel, blessing me financially and in many other practical ways . . . and again the list could go on and on); who share their lives with me and open their hearts to me; who keep in touch, even when I'm not the best at that; who pray for me; who give of their time; who help me to grow . . . I'm sure I have the best, the most amazing friends in the entire world.

  5. For my extended family: for a godly heritage, for parents and grandparents who loved, worshiped, and obeyed God, who modeled what they believed and taught me to love God and the Bible; for siblings who love me and care for me and check up on me; for in-laws who are so warm and loving, whom I love being with—I always feel so uplifted when we are together; for aunts and uncles and cousins that I'm so blessed to be related to; for nieces and nephews who are such joys, whom I learn from and who care for me and whom I am proud of . . .

  6. For health and strength—and all the many gifts of life that come with that.

  7. For the blessing of many wonderful things that are meaningful, purposeful, and enriching to occupy my time and thoughts; for the blessing of having a full, never-boring life.

  8. For clean air to breathe that's even cedar-scented! It doesn't get much better than that!

  9. For daily, monthly provision—I'm constantly astounded.

  10. For the God who loves and keeps His promises, who carries me through all the ups and downs of life, who is so patient and so kind, who knows what I need to help me grow, who is fully trustworthy and wise and good . . . I could never adequately extol Him nor give Him the praise that is due Him.

I'd love to hear the things you are most thankful for! And I highly recommend the journaling of 10 things each day that you are grateful for. Make it the first thing in your time with God: "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving." (Psalm 100:4) Happy Thanksgiving!

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