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Bible Study Method: Easy and Simple

I did a simple exercise this morning with Proverbs 8. I made four different lists. Making lists is one of my favorite Bible study tools—maybe because it’s so easy! It helps me to interact with the Word, to think a little deeper about what it’s saying, and to process the main points of a passage. Not all passages of Scripture lend themselves to list making, but many do. By making these lists this morning, it caused me to stand in awe of all that God wants to give us by imparting His wisdom to us—and all He wants to help us avoid.

Try this easy study:

As you read through it make a list of all the things Wisdom teaches us (I got 14), and another list of all the things Wisdom hates or will instruct against (I got 7). Then make two other lists of the rewards of Wisdom, the fruit that Wisdom yields (I got 6), and the “rewards” of disregarding Wisdom (I got 2).

When you’re done, spend some time reading through the four lists. Pray over them. Pray them for your children, your grandchildren, your siblings, your friends, your church family, your … yourself.

These lists urged me to be in the Word more, to seek Wisdom diligently as verse 17 says, and to embrace it with my whole heart—to really and truly love it. Oh, how much trouble we would avoid and not bring upon ourselves by simply seeking Wisdom! I pray this simple exercise will have the same effect in your own heart and life.

God, teach us Your wisdom.

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